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Patmos Marine was founded in 1985 by the Eleftherios Kamitsis family.

It began as a family business focused on the construction and restortaion of small wooden boats. The Kamitsis family's passion for the sea and shipping combined with the growing demand for more specialized services led to the expansion of the business.

Today Patmos Marine owns a fully equipped boatyard on the southern tip of Patmos island. The boatyard employs more than 25 Patmians who offer a range of services for wooden boats, sailers, steamers, machine propelled and inflatable boats
from 2,5 meters up to 25 meters.

Patmos Marine also provides:
  • Hauling up and launching boats with trailers of 20 to 50 tons as well as special trailers for larger boats

  • 100 berths on dry land as well as roofed area for smaller boats

  • 1,000 square meters of storage area for restoring and refitting boats.
Patmos Marine also specializes in the construction, service and refurbishing of traditional wooden boats. Customers can work on their vessels by themselves. Patmos Marine provides water and electricity.

Patmos Marine is the exclusive representative and service point of the biggest companies such as Mercruiser, Yamaha, Volvo Penta and Yanmar. It also deals with the selling, purchasing and exchanging of boats, shipping supplies and accessories, paint and spare parts.

Tarsanas Marine Club
Sailing into the taste...

Located in the most beautiful spot in our boat yard, you will discover the cafe-restaurant Tarsanas Marine Club which overlooks the marvellous Aegean.

In a unique setting, a real boat is anchored on land. You can taste our home-made gourmet dishes which are based on Greek recipes and prepared with fresh products from our land.

We have harmonically matched tastes with the aromas and the beautiful Greek blue. You just have to let yourself go on this unforgettable trip to the world of taste...

Offices & Exhibition:
Stavros Diakofti, Patmos
Tel: +3022470 31903
Fax: +3022470 32535

Tarsanas Marine Club
Stavros Diakofti, Patmos
Tel: +3022470 32159